Two Months Since I Got On the LibreBus

Two months have passed since I got on the Libre Bus, and I’ve been busy.

Two weeks on board the bus, participating in events in 9 cities and towns. Two themes became primary in my lectures: paying attention to the histories of our computers (where do they come from, who makes them, out of what, and where do they go after we stop using them) so that we start to change the physical lifecycles of electronics from toxic, slavery-based production-consumption-contamination lines towards eco-socially regenerative cycles; and libre/community computer networks. The two come together in the idea that we can use the Internet — and information and communication technologies more broadly — to organize the work of changing how computers are made.

One month in Buenos Aires, during which I participated in the 3rd Conferencia Internacional de Software Libre; convened a conversation about LibreBus themes at EcoAldea Velatropa; participated in the May First / People Link annual membership meeting, and Nico Echániz of Código Sur, Altermundi, and Quintana Libre joined us at my invitation; and enjoyed the generous hospitality of the Comunidad Islandia.

Audio from the conversation in Velatropa:

An interview with a couple who worked in a cell phone assembly factory in Tierra del Fuego (filmed last year, published last month):

Nine days in José de la Quintana. When the Libre Bus visited Quintana, I met Nico and Jesi, and we realized that we have much in common and might find collaboration fruitful, so I took them up on their invitation to return for a week. I helped document some of their work, and we shared our experiences, learning from each other about a broad range of topics. Here’s a set of videos I filmed and edited of Guido modifying a router to enable Power-Over-Ethernet:

After a day visiting family, I came to Santa Fe on Sunday night, and on Monday I gave a presentation about libre community networks at the V Foro de las Sociedades Digitales in Paraná (just across the river from here). Nico, and Guido of Altermundi and Buenos Aires Libre, were going to give the presentation, but were giving a workshop in Colombia, so I stood in for them, and after the presentation connected with people who want to start libre networks in their communities. A few hours later, back on this side of the river, I gave another presentation, this time for a Science, Technology, and Society course at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral, invited by professor Oscar Vallejos (another contact from a Libre Bus event).

From here, my plan is to participate in a workshop with TramaTierra about GIS, bioregionalism, and related topics on Thursday; visit an Art and Technology course on Friday; go to the 2nd Argentine Permaculture Convergence Friday through Sunday; wrap things up in Buenos Aires for two days; and head to Texas on Tuesday night, getting home in time for family gatherings around Thanksgiving. Once home, I look forward to processing and publishing more of the documentation that I gathered during this trip; participating in related events; and writing poems to my generous donors!

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