Libre Living

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Creating a commons of human intelligence, to make our creative genius accessible to anyone who wants to participate.

I focus on libre living. In a practical sense, this means:
– Freedom in the products/machines that I use to satisfy my needs (e.g. libre appropriate technology (sometimes called open-source), libre hardware and software; commonly held tools,),
– Psychological/emotional freedom to use my intelligence/heart fully (e.g. co-counseling, compassionate communication, integrative design),
– Libre cutural works (e.g. free cultural licenses, copyleft, some of the Creative Commons licenses, applied to books, art, music, movies),
– Interpersonal freedom (e.g. that each person has competence in group facilitation and leadership),
– Freedom to live as an integrated member of the community of life (e.g. knowing how to cultivate and use local plants, and competence in making compost),
– Economic freedom (e.g. local currencies, solidarity economy).

I have interest in sharing my knowledge and skills with whomever wants to collaborate. I want to give workshops, consult on projects, learn new things, and meet new people and ways of living. I want to deepen the consciousness and clarify the direction of my project by listening to how it satisfies and doesn’t satisfy the needs of humans and the full community of life in Argentina. I want to share freely, sharing my abundance, and I welcome whomever wants to pay me or house me or teach me, and also those who seem to have no way of reciprocating. I can customize my message to the group or person I work with, depending on their focus and consciousness.

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